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andi.jpg"I have had many language teachers throughout my life and Christine is by far the best yet! She is incredibly patient and with her extensive experience as a language teacher she knows exactly what level to start you at. Lessons with her are fun and you leave each one feeling confident in your growing language abilities. I could not recommend a better Chinese teacher!"

-Andrea P., NYS Licensed Acupuncturist -------------------------------------

As a linguist and a language professional, I am extremely picky when it comes to language teachers. In Christine, I've found one I can stick with! She is not only dynamic and creative, but patient and exacting. She is attuned to your individual needs, and gives you enough new language at each lesson to progress without overwhelming you. She concentrates not only on speaking correctly, but on speaking fluently, and her exercises and drilling are designed to promote the cerebral as well as the crucial muscle memory needed to get the words out. Christine is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person, and I highly recommend her.
-Jennifer W.
-Editor and author of English language textbooks


"Christine is an amazing teacher of Mandarin Chinese. She has a great command of both Mandarin and English and is familiar with the idioms in both languages. For my lessons, I desired to learn medical terminology, and there are no formal texts for this subject. Christine was able to research and design lessons for very technical words. Obviously, she is very capable and in a word, better than several of the teachers I have had in the past. If you want to accelerate your Chinese learning, choose Christine."

- Greg T., M.D.


"In order to learn a foreign language as challenging as Chinese, I feel one needs private instruction. Christine has the innate ability to present lessons in a thoughtful and organized manner which facilitates deep understanding and learning. Her customized approach- in finding new ways to illustrate a language concept, or in uncovering a students weakness, maximizes overall learning efficiency. There are countless teachers and websites out there to learn Chinese, but lessons with Christine are top-notch."

-Dan C., IT Project Lead


Richard.jpg"Huang laoshi is extremely patient but pushes me to achieve the goals...just the right combination. Really enjoy my lessons and feel that I have learned a great deal. Huang laoshi is very animated and motivating. Sign of a great teacher: I want to be there every week."

-Dr. Richard M., Learning Consultant NYS Board of Education


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